Aldora Orlando Branch Announcement

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Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products is pleased to announce that it has finalized a location for its new Orlando area glass fabrication facility. Aldora will occupy the 76,500 square foot stand-alone building by March 1st, 2015 and expects to be fabricating products by the second quarter. Dana Duval will be the Branch ManagerPage Not Found

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The new fabrication/distribution facility is located at:

Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products, Inc

1903 Cypress Lake Drive

Orlando, Florida

Aldora’s Altamonte Springs location will close the last week of February and be relocated into the new facility. Altamonte’s customers will continue to receive services out of the new location. Altamonte’s Manager, Jay Nicosia will be part of the management team.

The Orlando location will have state of the art equipment that has been ordered and on the way. Included in the list are the following:


  • New Melco 96” x 240” Autoclave
  • New 96” automated laminating line with convection ovens for the improved manufacturing of soft coat laminated products
  • New Joe’s Refrigeration clean/cold room with Munson air handling systems
  • New state of the art 84” x 180” tempering furnace with capability to run 1/8” to ¾” and convection heating for high performance soft coats
  • New Schiatti Polisher and hole machine
  • Bilco jumbo 130” x 204” cutting table
  • Bovone Beveler
  • Insulated Glass Line

Distribution service will start immediately with the relocation of Altamonte’s existing distribution service. Additional fabrication services will be brought on line as equipment becomes fully operational.

We look forward to providing you with new quality products such as PVB laminated LowE and SGP laminated glass, insulated glass, laminated insulated glass, fabricated showers, table tops and beveled glass products.

For questions, please contact Aldora of Miramar or ask your Aldora Sales Representative.

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