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Aldora launches the FS-300, Front set impact storefront system.

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Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products, Inc., a leader in aluminum and glass fabrication, has successfully completed testing and has received product approval for its new impact, front set storefront system, the FS-300. The FS-300 series features a frame profile that pushes the glass to the front of the framing system. The system can be glazed with 9/16” laminated glass or thermally broken and glazed with 1 5/16” laminated insulated glass to meet energy requirements.


Aldora’s design team has taken the steps to insure that the FS-300 Series will be the best front set on the market. A screw spline, heavy wall construction, low profile and an innovative glazing option will make the system attractive, stronger and easier to assemble than competing products. The mullion design is so unique that Aldora has a provisional patent for it. The FS-300 testing produced +80/-80 psf with 60” x 144” panels while smaller panels are capable of +135/-120 psf. Like all of Aldora’s impact storefront systems, the FS-300 can be pre-glazed and shipped direct from the factory ready for installation.


“We have heard repeatedly from our customers that they seeking an alternative front set system that they can purchase from Aldora. Consistent with our new Aldora culture, we have incorporated the input from our customers, our sales department, engineers, architects and importantly, the production line personnel while designing the product. We believe the end result will be the leading storefront product in the HVHZ impact market.” states Manny Valladares, Aldora’s project leader for the FS-300’s development.

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Solar E Glass

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Aldora offers Pilkington Solar E glass. This new performance product dramatically improves Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient (SHGC) over traditional glass. It can produce excellent results with 9/16” laminated glass and even better with 1 5/16” insulated laminated. Hard coats are easier to handle and less prone to damage and discoloration often associated with soft coats.