Back Painted Glass

Aldora of Charleston has acquired the new, precision glass painting machine manufactured by Goldglass. The machine is extremely accurate and can dispense a uniform paint color throughout each piece of glass. Its throughput capacity and paint staging makes it equally efficient for large scale or small jobs. A built-in baking process ensures paint adhesion. Aldora can order and receive back painted glass through the transportation network between the two companies.



  • Can be safety tempered prior to painting
  • Virtually any paint selection including any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color
  • Optical readers sense edge of glass for uniform paint application
  • Paint is baked on to accelerate curing and maximize adhesion
  • Single piece production or high volume throughput
  • Capable of producing spandrel glass in standard and custom colors
  • Lighter colors treated with back coating to minimize translucence
  • 10 Year warranty on finished product
  • Can be laminated for safety applications